Major Gulzar (The Tribute)

Major Gulzar (Retired) who passed away upon the hills of Bagnotar, during membership campaign. He was sixty years of age and an example to see how his spirit, dedication and passion worked for a cause which is the responsibility of us all for change and for progression in Pakistan.

Lies there in Bagnotar,
The spirit of our time
From years of its service
To protect and to propagate
The old message
Of change and progression
Here is where you will find him
On the hills of Abbotabad
Here is where you will find him
Upon the rocks of Bagnotar
That claimed him and his life
The old body and its spirit

Here is this man,
Where you will find him
The work and its message
For Pakistan and for people
Who says we do not have
The souls that will carry,
The flames of peace and change
Here is this man,
Empty were not his hands,
Carried they the papers
To join and of the ideology
Belong to you all, young and old

Here is this man,
Unknown to me,
Across thousands oceans
And its distance
Carry we will him far,
Beyond those boundaries
Beyond those rocks of Bagnotar
To places all, and to provinces all
The story of how heroes are made
Reminder to us all,
The politicians of our time
And to those in charge
To serve the way it requires
In responsibility and in humility

Never will we abandon you
In those hills of Bagnotar and the fall
Remain you will always with us
And those hands, that served
My old friend, nothing I know
But enough to carry you across
Through those plains of Indus
And to the heat of the deserts
An old tribute, to the sprit
And the hearts that wept

Death comes to us all,
Preserved you have, the passion
The old dignity that walked
Upon those rocks that contained
The old body, now wrapped up
In white, we will miss you
My friend, we will miss you
The struggle and its story!



4 thoughts on “Major Gulzar (The Tribute)

  1. جہاں میں اہلِ ایماں صورتِ خورشید جیتے ہیں
    ِادھر ڈوبےاُدھر نکلے، اُدھر ڈوبے ِادھر نکلے

  2. Well said. So many good soldiers die serving the country but remain unknown in the pages of history – We do not celebrate our heroes as well as we should.

  3. Impressive Article , I thought it was grand

    I look ahead to more interesting postings like this one. Does This Site have a newsletter I can subscribe to for updates?

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