In My Veins, In My Blood (The Butterfly Effect)


Long time ago, witnessed we all
Humans caught up in a trap
In self inflated egos and pride
Hearts fearful and defeated

Shackled were their thoughts
And shackled were they all
In the name of fame and greed
With words of anger and hate

The humans and its existence
Remember I once long time ago
Where we sat in corners of ambiguity
Remember I once long time ago
Where we sat in corners of desperation

Remember I once where we opposed
All that is not right, all that is wrong
In corners of our promise
Remember I once, where we met
For change, for progression and for peace

Become we will Aristotle and Plato
Become we will ambassadors of change
Across morning dew, like those droplets of rain
And ours words thousands oceans in its might

Forgot we the existence as we began
The journey to the world apart
The old metamorphosis and its effect
It’s our turn; we will not remain in fear
If challenge is to come, then embrace
We will, as failures not an option
In all our might and in our sight

As nights turned into days
And as days into nights
As days into weeks
And weeks into months
We will never be the same again
This hunger will remain
Travel we will all to the furthest corners
In search of souls, in search of wisdom
Gather them my friends, as we heard
The old voices and promise of youth
Inside us, as civilizations spoke
And promise taken,
Carry we will far to those places
Strange transformation of change

And remember I tonight
Where we all met, in peace
Through sounds of nature and humanity
From those moments of time
Of arrival to departure
The fusion of past and present

Played there its tunes,
The wisdom and its effect
Played there its music
The youth and its song
Towards future and what it carries
Finally with them who understand
Not through conflict and hate
All heads together, the young and old,
The missing factor, in our existence
Now in union, the fruit and its seed
Not there will be fights or public conflicts
Sit there in peace, finally the humans

Remember the old nations
From the times of Moses
Tonight, it’s our turn to receive
The divine food and its taste
Only in determination, we will walk
Only in unity, we will perform
Remember not long, the day there
Awaits you and me, in its corner
The light, it will embrace us all
Few souls around the table,
And conversations light
There are no fights left,
There are not words of anger
Only of acceptance and appreciation

Long road it has been,
We will get there,
Freedom in sight and of change
No longer will we remain
In isolation and trauma of the past
No more the conflicts, no more politics
Our conscience is clean and light

Only the peace, tranquility and imagination
Deserve we all, we have paid our dues
As we leave, recuperated and cured
For Pakistan and its people
For battles unseen, the wars in front
Change we will, all that is there
That stands upon oppression and evil
Remove we will, these veils of disease
All that is there, those wounds of darkness
Cure we will, all that is in between
You and me, this madness eternal
It’s in my blood, in its flame
In my veins, travelled it has far
From the time of few to millions
In your veins, in your blood
As butterfly breaks out of its cocoon!


One thought on “In My Veins, In My Blood (The Butterfly Effect)

  1. Very positive. Good flow in the verses. You are really improving in your writings now. You should also write some short prose on ideas as well. Condensed ideas in fewer but effective words. 🙂

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