Quote of the Day

Of all those struggles in human civilization to propagate principles of ethics, accountability and integrity within the society, the best ones are those where all these can be implemented in a  political context. Only then, all those visions and ideologies can be truly implemented” .



5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Could they be implemented in our ailing body politic? We have waited and waited and waited but our political scene is bereft of all these mentioned ethics save in a few who we’re hoping will emerge as per our aspirations.

    At the moment, things are bleak.
    Hopes are all we have!

  2. in valid for Pakistani politics. I am kinda missing Mush. not that he was the MAN but I can’t stand Zardari et all, “anyone, electing as president from PPP will gift so and such to the nation” ****ing Zardari.

    voh doosra ThaG bhi elligible ho gaya, ab tau. khoob bajjay ki Pakistani jab …

    Having said the above, HELLO to everyone… what happened to Asma’s Blog? who is responsible for that, amongst you? 🙂

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