The Politics


We discuss, we create
As once happened in the past
The old stories of civilization
Built by politics and its trade
In wars and in peace
The words of Cicero and Ptolemy
We fight, we retreat
As battles unfold,
As days travel into night
We call this is politics
We say this is our right
To corner, to violate
To deprive others
As these episodes travel
From one heart to another

In the name of politics
As we transform,
Different and indistinguishable
From words we write,
Will they ever come to haunt
No one in presence to witness
Have we forgotten the cause?
Have we forgotten Iqbal and Jinnah?
As we create stories of horror
In our sleep, in our demise
Hear we the shouts in plenty
Remain where you are,
Entitled I am to my opinions
Where rains, the principles
Of fairness and justice,
Where found, in abundance
The lakes of tolerance and patience
We break all we create in our sleep
What a beast we created to prolong
The story of our existence
What a story, that has no end

Politics is beauty, the endangered specimen
Us, the proponents of change and progression
Inspect we must ourselves it’s still time
Not far off from the day when we may become
Humans of the past and dinosaurs of future!


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