The Silent Notes


As the light freezes its axis into the darkness,
Words uttered in silence find their voices
Keep them hidden “ for years to come”
Of all that existed in this world of our play
As the bones dry out in its parlour
The beautiful dance as the music rolls off its sleeves
The peace and its mechanics,
The lonely leather chair and its surrounding
The mirrors and the toys for the generation next
There in the corner, lies an old piano
Of ivory and oak, of in black and white,
The notes are dead, only the sighs in its silence
the world from the outside window, asleep!


4 thoughts on “The Silent Notes

  1. Wow .. I’ve read it just once and I can feel spell it casts! Lemme read it again; its beautiful! 🙂

    Welcome back to writing ways!

    Be frequent! 🙂

  2. Thanks Aadil. I will be more frequent. How are you?

    Just reading more nowadays..few unfinished books and making notes during the fast. In the evening, with the cigarette, the urge to write and explore the human mind again kicks into action.

  3. So finally we have you back to writing. It felt so great to read something from you (after ages, shall I say?). I hope you’ll not disappear again ! 😀
    How you been btw?

  4. Cav
    thanks my friend. I will not disappear again for a time being.
    I am fine my friend. Just been exceedingly busy with so many things..I will tell you all what I have been upto?

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