The Stars Are So Distant


There remains a mystery to our questions
Of who we are and where we belong
Of all our quests and questions,
The miracles we perform through science
Through words of literature and philosophy
Through years of humanity and its demise
As we ponder in silence and as we reach out
There remains a spectacle, far from our wisdom
The mankind only to serve, the purpose
Of the creation and of our Creator
How we live and serve, how we kill and maim
In the name of humanity, in the name of religion
The stars are so distant, never will we know
In this lifetime, only our souls, travelers of light
To experience, through moments of infinity
The stars are so distant, as the mist draws its curtains!



2 thoughts on “The Stars Are So Distant

  1. Stars are at distance and we are here to serve…
    not only to serve but we have given the purpose which we need to fulfill in a span of time we are provided to live….
    Allah is the creature and he knows what distance should be increased and what should be kept closer….

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