Iraq Inquiry

Realise they will one day,
As the hour of reckoning
Not upon them yet, not in our grasp
Not lost though, the trail of truth
It will come, it will arrive
Fly away time, sooner
Fly away, age of conclusion

It will arrive, it will come
Upon them, on their deathbeds,
As winter’s wind pierces the skin
The wrath of Providence
Upon their bodies and soul,
Sink they will into that darkness
In old remains of their disguises
As lips will mutter old muses
Of conceit and conspiracies
Incoherent words what they had done,
As the world torched up, the old adventures
Of flawed ideologies and interests
Never will they be forgiven
For Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan

Not forgotten those atrocities
All those killed, the human blood
It happened to them all
Regan, Sharon and many others
Those moments will come,
The time of reckoning
As they sink into their darkness
Of lies and adventures, the flaws
As the jaws and bones will begin to crack
Upon that hour, when truth will prevail
The old Pharaohs on display, frozen!



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