Haiti Earthquake

As the earth shifts its burden
From one end to another,
The story of few seconds
Caught in between
The old and young
The women and children
The poverty and its recipients
Knows no bounds
The pain and the damage

The old infliction
As the human wound
Out in the open,
Underneath the rubble,
Out in the distance,
From one end to another
In sadness and despair
Come forward and help
The old human expression
The old sigh and its screams
As the earth shifts its burden!



One thought on “Haiti Earthquake

  1. Conveys feelings of us all towards the victims of the earthquake.
    I salute Mr Abdul Satttar Edhi that despite his advancing years he is still carrying on the good work and raising the flag of Pakistan at international level. When will the “Peoples’ Government” wake up from its dream of selfishness and care about the international image of the country and stop the “ME, MYSELF AND I” routine!

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