Prisoner 650- Part 2(The Betrayal)

Captured woman,
Known to the world,
Prisoner 650,
Throughout these years
The grey ghost of Bagram
Her beautiful mind,
As she travelled
From one institution to another
To learn, mechanics of mind

Now in capture,
From years of injustice
“Fault lies with her”, they say
Knows she too much,
Holds she wisdom far from our reach
The price you pay,
To discover trails of wisdom and injustice
Travel sometimes inwards, to view
The handovers of our sovereignty.

Captured woman,
As her cell speaks volumes
Of history of democracy and freedom
Tortured and raped, as the paralysis begins
Lives in separation through distance
Of all her children and world
Of what it presented her, the gifts
Deeds we all have to present
How great we are, how grand our schemes
Remains in hope, the old stars of hope
The old candle.

Died we all, long time ago,
Only the spectre of our memory
There she is in New York,
Some day if you find her,
Let her know, we did nothing
Let her know, of all our betrayals
The old tales of friendship and needs
The old deeds of corruption and politics
Never may we get this option, we all died
Long time ago too, only there she remains
The spectre of our memory and voices
Remains in hope, the old stars of hope

Catch it; hold it, as the wind begins to howl
The curse upon us, time to taste
Of what we did, of what they did
To Prisoner 650, grey ghost of Bagram
As hands of conscience begin to suffocate
The turmoil inside us, the cause of our demise
Let her know of all our betrayals
If you find her in New York, before she finds us
As the winds begin to howl, creeps forward,
The hands of conscience, the hands of nature!


One thought on “Prisoner 650- Part 2(The Betrayal)

  1. I’m reminded of her again.. it hurts so much, beyond words and my heart fills with some un known feeling, of disgust towards people who did and immense pain she must feel 😦

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