The Human Journey

The mystery of Universe and the journeys taken by humans has had an immense impact upon different civilizations of the time. How humans have traversed from one civilization to another; how languages were developed and their attributes transferred to others. How architecture, culture, and everything that defines the very “fabric of civilization” created the need to survive, to transfer the knowledge and wisdom through the feathers of time. The modern times and era owes everything to the past – the struggles and its determination of those people and the times they lived in. In the course of time, some civilizations were to leave lasting impressions and some momentarily but their intrinsic nature remained to create something through the intellect and the learning endowed upon by them by nature. How history has captured those pages of time and its passages for its very need to determine how we have all evolved as humans in our ways and cultures. In various fields of science and in fields of arts and new technologies owes portion of their success to all that is left behind- some have been preserved by those who realized that very need to remain intact  and some lie there in the wilderness for all of us to learn what mankind achieved and lost.

In the end, each fleeting moment becomes part of history and the times we live in. The search still continues by the mankind- the very search and quest for who we are the very purpose of our existence and life. It is these questions – the very fuel and catalyst that drives us forward and it is that process of living we become part of those different cultures and languages. There may be many civilizations pertinent to different times but human civilization and its journey remains one in search for truth and purpose. The ways we attain those answers may be different and diverse; but the purpose remains the same. It is this journey of mankind through not the landscapes of time and buildings and architecture but through the human need to strive and struggle to find the purpose of life and its meaning.



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