Echoes of Silence

He walks all day upon those avenues to sell
oranges, ice creams and some times religion
he says “nothing is free” but i will give you
advice, free and pure, and u must rebell
come with me otherwise u will end up in hell
There stand two women, his wife and his daughter
by the tree, in shawdow of their misery and dwell
in thier hunger, in their shame and all what is left
of their Pacific islands and the man carries on
painting strange forms and naked women
all the prostitutes come and go by the bell
time comes when all disappear and he cries
for vanity he don’t understand and his muse
kills his wife every time she lays naked for love;
crowd disappears like shawdows as the sun go down
and the bullet paves its way to her daughter’s cell
to let her free of the promise she made to rebell…………



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