Wild Orchards

I am the same person
Who once existed
For your ideology and promise
For years
In between
The two enemies
Through the old landscape
Haunted and gripped
In its old spirit

Once it was me,
The same person
In music and poetry
I found myself
From travels of past
In wild orchards
The offerings of youth

As the time switched on
From present into past
As the regions slip into darkness
Here I am still,
With two enemies
Misconceptions and indifference

In this most beautiful place
I am all alone,
Gone those wild orchards
As the world unites
With new ideology
Against us

As I travel back
For a moment to reside
In old wild orchards
Heads straight our way
The purple wrath
In between
My life,
Unfinished story
Lies there a body
Charred in its old scent
Of my distant time
extinguished in split seconds!



5 thoughts on “Wild Orchards

  1. JazakAllah, always something thought provoking, I wish I could wite like this, but then, I dont feel like this again,

    Indifference I suppose, I have become indifferent too..

  2. Thanks Missar for your comments.

    Ayesha, many thanks. These situations needs to be highlighted how the very tools we devise in the name of technology and commerce brings its effect- the negative effect..Wild Orchards was written to express those feelings of people, of missing people caught up in conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Many thanks again for your comments and appreciation.

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