Green Birds of Heaven

In these situations
Words cannot accurately
Describe and reflect
The sense of loss
And belonging
It is in that silence
We find, we realise
What was there once?

And now gone
The old concepts
As it blows its whistles
The sense of hopelessness
And despair
The brutal fact and reality
We cannot escape
It moves on, the life

For those who remain behind
And for those, whom we share
The responsibility
All that remains
The old journey
For souls to become,
The green birds of heaven!


One thought on “Green Birds of Heaven

  1. I think that I would differ…

    Sometimes I realise that there never was anything ever, apart from our own fantastical dreams/ made up realisties that we wanted to believe that had existed…

    We were always empty handed and perhaps a few among us had a soul, and energy, which was guided in wrong directions…

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