The Desert Slaves

Here in the desert,
In thousands they arrive,
To serve the old pledges
In their homelands,
With what they have,
The promise they made
To their loved ones
To break free, from these chains
Of hunger and poverty
To escape,
From these tired routines of life
For bread and butter,
The new slaves with no names

Welcomes them, this land,
With nothing but empty promise
In chains they are now,
Here in the land,
Toil they will all day and night
To reap spoils of nature and land,
For others in abundance
Deployed they have all,
The new slaves,
From Pakistan, India and Bangladesh
From shores of Sri Lanka to Nepal
In the sun, with no respect
The heat and its shades
As it melts them and their hunger

Humans they are not, as they work
From dawn till dusk, like the clock
Never it stops, never these humans
The old hostages of Pharaoh’s curse
Here in this land, where they lost all
Their dignity and their respect,
Not much they say, not much they eat
Just work, around the clock,
Their only companion, their only killer
Never have they slept, never they rest
As the world craves in its monstrosity
For miracles and for adventures
Fall they in their demise, not to be discovered
The grand empires they created,
From their sweat and blood,
The old promise they made,
To break free, from these chains
Of hunger and poverty, in death, they are freed!



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