A spiritual Revolutionary- Tribute to Dr Israr Ahmed

I found out at 2.20 am, the early hours of Wednesday morning about Dr Saab. From an old friend Saqib Awan’s email titled “Dr Israr Ahmed Died”. Many thoughts crossed my mind – of sadness, of death and its brutal reality and of this man what he had done so much for the service of Islam and in the manner he did. We lost one of the finest scholars and son of Islam and his work today. We lost one of the finest Pakistanis in its 62 years of existence.

His words, works and his life swam through my mind as I tried to sleep; as I tried to comfort myself about what had happened. The loss was at both personal and collective level. He had been ill for quite some time but his appearances on Peace TV, his speeches and various other programmes were suffice enough for people like me to learn as much as we can and today we lost that spiritual revolutionary of Islam – He was indeed one of the finest scholars of Islam who could talk and make us all understand not simply the mechanics of Islam but its metaphysical aspects and all the diversity it contained. Not only that, the way he expounded Iqbal and his work and tied everything as a passion to serve.

Never was he in the habit to collect possession around him and the only possession he had his knowledge he accumulated, practised and wisdom and passed it on indiscriminately, without any need to hide or from the need to contain.

His death took me back many years ago, when as children we would see his work being mentioned, in newspapers, pamphlets, TV appearances in those days, rare but thought provoking.  Half of the stuff it never made sense as we were growing up amongst many other things- too many things to understand and do. But growing up allowed further to realise his message and in  the manner he propagated the message.

I learnt very little about Iqbal and many other scholars of Islam and civilisation through the education system but more from him. His constant references, his detailed and sequential representation of thoughts and its patterns effortlessly and his explanation of Islam and its message from Quran and Sunnah became the constant source of joy and understanding that was needed. His explanation of the message was as when one presents a gift rather than a charity. His voice still resonates in my head of all what I had heard and seen of him.

It is indeed a day of great sadness that we lost one of the finest and ablest people and yet the news and media coverage about him was minimal, hardly any to say the least. In these days of commercialization, we have succumbed ourselves to news which are not even worthy of being mentioned- the dimensions of greed, glamour, and all its aspects being projected from our TV screens but not a mention of this man’s life, work and his service. He did not collect anything but knowledge and wisdom and that too he passed it onto those who listened and understood.

Indeed we lost today a great person, a person whom I considered a spiritual revolutionary. People around the globe will miss him greatly and his work and his words. Last recollection of him was at one of those programmes and his face beamed with joy and his voice like a distant thunder carried us all to a different world and brought back to realise that this world and all its patterns are finite, but the wisdom and message of Islam is infinite, spread across beyond those boundaries of time and space. May his soul rest in peace.  May his work and message carry on? We will miss you my friend greatly.



8 thoughts on “A spiritual Revolutionary- Tribute to Dr Israr Ahmed

  1. It is a great loss for Muslim Ummah. He will always be remembered for his great contributions in reliogious works… ….May Allah Have mercy on his soul and place him in Jannat-ul-firdaus….Aameen!

  2. As a friend aptly put: for the first time someone’s death has grieved as if someone very dear to us has passed away.

  3. I know one thing and that is for us to truthfully claim our love to him and appreciate his contributions to Islam. We should do our best to learn and teach Phylisophy of Quran and true message inside which will get us out from complete darkness to light and than only we be able to see the truth as truth and false as false.

  4. .unforgetable personality .his speeches are words of wisdom cleaning the dust of heart .as for me he has great contribution .may allah reward him with the best of jannah

  5. I tribute heartly to dr.israr sahib.that he was the great scholar,great orator. Great Narrotar,great debater,great writter & icon of islamic world. I heartl dr. Sahib and pray before my almighty allah that give us alternate of dr.israr sahib (syed rafi bukhari. Baramulla ,kashmir ,india

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