Million Characters Inside

From distant corners of the world, they ask
What shall we get you, what is it you want
My friends, my strangers, my near and far
Always the old reply” the books “
From the olden times, the embedded memory
The moments of relief and another world
To experience more and to exploit
The old tales of glory and legend,
The old history of pain and remorse
The tales of love and the distant shades
Journeys of travel into different lands

What is it we get you, my friend?
The book which will remain with me,
For years to come, for memory to serve
The old promise, the intangible acts
Where characters are born and die
Where the old landscapes extends
With the battles lost and won,
The extension of being, with you
So I travel far, with those words,
From the old habits of time

Hidden in them, my own existence too
Hidden in them, my own routines as well
The patterns of youth and patterns of letter
As the words beings to form
It may not follow the norms and its routines
All the old traditions that may fall apart
Novelty and experiments, the age upon us
As I begin to form, the new escapes and journey

The old memory in a distant place,
The afternoon filled with dust and its shades
The words that appeared in a different forms
The first question, and the same questions
For years to come, for years that went
The last present too, will be the words
That travelled far to get to me,
And to get to them, I travelled far
The story of those million characters inside!



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