Facebook- Becoming Caricature of Itself

The days of social networking and its components installed by Facebook to draw caricatures of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as an international competition is yet another exercise to create turmoil and propagate ambiguity and hurt Muslims around the globe. It is not the first incidence and won’t be the last- The Danish, The Dutch and many others tried these things of similar nature and now Facebook.

The so called modern civilisation has brought itself to such low levels to support those basic concepts of freedom of action and speech in a manner without any clear responsibilities and moral bindings appear seamlessly without any due considerations for anyone and yet they take great pride in method, understanding and developing relationships with the rest of the world and in particular, the Muslim World is as fraudulent and disturbing as the freedom of expression.

And yet, when it comes to exercising the very same concept of “freedom of action and speech”, Facebook simply does not allow this.  On various other matters of history and its context, Facebook policies and reservations are well known to us all.  Facebook vociferous approach in its defence is not hidden and there are countless examples which cannot be challenged, and views which cannot even be allowed to interpret. And yet on matters of Islam, they allow and entertain not knowing the consequences and the impact it can generate.

Courts in Pakistan have taken the right step to put a ban. It was just a matter of time, the way FB indulged itself under the disguise of “social networking site” to creating of content which doesn’t cater for the majority and their views.. Any view that offends the majority of the Muslims cannot be tolerated and especially in this manner.

The argument below which FB has presented is simply hollow. Freedom of speech is one of the most excessively abused concepts in the West without any clear responsibilities- moral and ethical. The interpretation of this concept without morals and ethics is simply not going to go well. This concept has given them the right to wage wars and put in place economic embargos on the rest of the world. It’s about time they relook at themselves as well what are the things that have gone wrong and how they can mend it?  The question, will they do it? I doubt it very much.

They simply do not realise that it is exactly these types of situations they create that drives people towards that state which they refer to as extremism and Muslims in protest and defence as violation of their rights and poking fun at their religion. So basically in order to reduce this so called state, they themselves are actually injecting those thoughts and then labelling Muslims to be reactive and protestial.

“We simply want to show the extremists that threaten to harm people because of their Muhammad depictions that we’re not afraid of them,” the statement said. “They can’t take away our right to freedom of speech by trying to scare us into silence.”

The fundamentalism and extremism that exists in the media in the West is not hidden and known to many who frequently analyse and study those patterns. One of their biggest critics are people like Chomsky, Gordon Duff and many others. These people have highlighted the way media engages in its expression and its interpretation on various matters to create this euphoria of righteousness and power to abuse – nobody is spared – states, people and ideologies which seemingly create a hindrance to their interests and plunder. Various examples, the most recent ones are the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I believe all the necessary steps were taken and protests were made to them to avoid all this but in the end when there are no choices left, but to ban them, then there is no harm. We collectively cannot compromise. The benefits FB presents as a communication tool, which are nothing in comparison to the damage they have created by allowing things like that.

It is indeed what we can do individually and all our individual actions becomes collective and with an impact.

We basically cannot tolerate these things- these people have become a joke. Their freedom of speech and action always simply ends up with caricatures of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). If they really need to exercise those concepts, then they better read up and better understand what Islam has done for them- the civilisation, the science and everything that they needed to come out from the days of the darkness and into the period they so conveniently forget the days of Renaissance.

I think there is a growing need for Muslims to have a strong and cohesive group or forum along something like “Muslims Cyber Forum” to monitor websites, content, Facebook groups where all this takes place proactively and report and take appropriate actions. Muslims from all over the world can feed information to this website which can be created highlighting what is being said on Internet and how the image of Islam is being tarnished through these things.

Facebook may apologise on this incidence and all this will disappear for a while, but people like Andy and others will come back in one form or another. So to cope with this proactively, there is an active need for such forum to exist who will have people representing from all Muslims countries- developers, policy makers, students to make sure what they see or hear ends up as a repository on the website or with the group in existence (whatever name you may want to call) to highlight and investigate and take appropriate actions. Unified approach and message will first take less time and secondly the impact it will create and awareness is going to be phenomenal.

This way, Muslims Cyber forum can effectively monitor, communicate its findings to various Muslim governments of the world and also add an active ingredient in changing their stance and various policies.

Also as a message for all of us around the globe that we must individually and collectively rise to those levels where we are strong in all fields of sciences and with the moral strength to cope with this constant onslaught being meted out to us in the media and through hidden and disguised policies of the West, in their footprints, carried by their wars, foreign policies and arms sale. We will have to utilise all our forums of protest and awareness but at the same time develop ourselves in all fields of knowledge and its interpretation to become equal players and also to follow Islam as it was envisaged in its proper spirit and essence from the concept of social justice, humanity and the complete system it provides of benefit and elation rather than pain and greed.

We have to be tolerant to our own kind and all. It is our actions that will determine the very sense of unity and determination to resolve issues which are internal and external- the issues which matter to mind and heart through taking care of ourselves and people in their despair and depression, the women, the children, the elderly and all those things which Islam has provided the ideal solutions not in words but through example and practise. It is that strength which will provide us to deal with those challenges and issues of the modern world in relation to the concept of expression they have created in the name of freedom. It is this strength we need to develop at our disposal to bring peace and harmony in our lands and to our people.



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