The Abducted Taxi Driver in Rawalpindi

This is to highlight the plight of this very poor and innocent man I found out last night. This is basically a story of a man, a taxi driver, from Rawalpindi abducted by people who have taken him to Charsada (Peshawar). It’s an effort to highlight his plight and fate, in the media and to the people who may make a difference as his release and ransom far too high; the amount a poor person cannot afford. This poem was written as a reaction not just to highlight his plight but of many, unknown and silent sufferers, families choking to death, children, and women….It are an effort to rejuvenate this spirit in us to help out in any way if we can, as this is the only and available option we have to rebuild Pakistan and its conscience. This was highlighted by his friend, Mahmood ul Hassan in Rawalpindi (0334 550 0968) working on his own as neither the police nor anyone has paid much attention to this man and his captivity.

Poem: No Name

This man has no name,
In abduction, in suffocation
This man has no differences
Political or personal

This man has many to care
His children and his family
But not many to care for him
His only crime, being human

Dwells in him, the shadows
Of hopelessness and despair
As he counts moments of misfortune
The cold hands of pain and agony

As the crevices begins to increase
On the faces of his children
Far away, and their future
The nights out in separation

Not many to hear his mind
As he spends his nights
In fear and in isolation
As he begins to forget his name

An echo of many
Of those in silence, in suffering
This man has many names
He is the people of Pakistan.

Abduction and torture
On the rise, as we witness
The process of decimation
Of their youth and time
Slips away into the darkness
Our humanity and our courage!



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