The New Future

“Inspired by the contribution of our very young NUST students and engineers to design a car which is fuel efficient and prototype for tomorrow”….

Pakistani Car Travelling 250 Kilometers in just one liter – Single Seater Car by NUST Students

The good news,
Like a drop of rain
Much needed
As we hear,

The vibes
Of destruction
And negativity
Much needed
These drops
Of rain…….

In these times
Of convoluted truths
Empty promises,
Much needed
Of our youth
Like a drop of rain……..



2 thoughts on “The New Future

  1. Dear Asim Khan,
    Salaams. More power to your elbow. Well done.We most certainly needed this good news.I hope that those young Engineers will develope this prototype car and go on to mass production- providing much needed employment for people of Pakistan and earn foreign exchange to strengthen the finances of Pakistan.

  2. Thanks Sir Khalid,
    Inshallah more of this will follow. These are the messages we need to propogagte and work towards.


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