Only profound apologies
I can offer my friend,
Only finite excuses I have
In my possession, to reflect
In this infinite universe
To present it to you,
Of all those conversations
Like hidden pearls
As oceans spill them out
In their toil and in labour

Find myself immersed
In new mechanics of time
As waves of change embrace
The neglected people
And trails I have to follow
As I become like them
And they become like me
Through treaties of time
As we inhale, the bitter truths
As we inhale, the challenges
Mountains to be moved
All options exist but surrender
To relive, promise of change.

These roads, I must traverse
Await all these souls of my own
Through bewildering routines
Tire me out, tire you out
But in there resides my refuge
The moments of peace
Embattled faces and its marks
It’s your tomorrow, in my absence
Let me introduce you an old friend
From the years of an old bet
Like an old arrow shot across the sky
In corridors of time, the quest,
Only in avenues of memory,
The old bet and its existence!



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