The African Dreams

As these stripes of colour
Marks its presence on the old sky
The heads held high, as they walk
In proud moments of reflection
As wind begins to cut across
As Africa begins to discover
The old chimes of music…

As shadows become the humans
From years of neglect and its dues
Of discrimination and plunder
Still more to be done
As this continent brings together
The old effect of humanity
As earth shifts in its elation
As clocks begins to rewind
Moments of magic and purity

You will hear me breathe
Through the old civilisation
You will hear me breathe,
In these valleys and mountains
Welcomes you, to create
The old effects of union
In enchanting encounters
You will hear me breathe,
As its inhabitants, the windows
To the land open up their arms
To form the bonds of association

Walk towards me, let me embrace
You, as you once belonged to me
Before time placed its verdict
As the earth moved its burdens
And you became a stranger to me
Let me embrace you, let me breathe
Across these roussanic skies
Your home, the magical chants
As memory scratches itself
The old African dreams!



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