The Crimes of Being Silent

“Silence is no longer an option or choice we can exercise and believe in hoping that things will turn out to be just fine”……

In silence, there is wisdom
Attained through years of travel
In silence, there is peace
Arrived from moments of music
In silence, we create stories
And affairs of our lifetime
In silence, we write and share
The desires of our fortunes
Through the torturous years
In silence, we commit crimes
We never speak, we never scream

In Silence, we remain
As the years grow on us
In our lands, in our hearts
In oblivion, we falter
Our leaders, our nation
In silence, we comfort
Ourselves, not our problem
All that is wrong
Compromise we all
On ethics and morals
As we remain asleep

In silence, we depart
As the fire consumes
All what we built and didn’t
As we disappear,
In this molten pot of time
Empires they built
All consumed only the ashes
And in between, the nation
There is you and me
Remain we quiet, to no gains
In silence, we become
Our own enemy,
Only your heart hears
Speak up, Scream…

As time runs out
Only few moments left
For you and me to answer
The difference we can create
Consume it will all that comes
In between our silence and comforts
The corruption of fear exposed
Cast upon these shores of existence
All lies! This silence is a crime
No longer a choice we can exercise
Let thy heart speak, let thy mind speak.


3 thoughts on “The Crimes of Being Silent

  1. Hi
    Mashallah very good poem.
    1 how many people can read English in PK?
    2 why not in Urdu?
    3 who is the target audience?
    List can go on and on
    Be Pakistani
    Be proud
    Remember After Islam Urdu is the only big thing we have commen in so divided Pakistan.
    Should write every thing in Urdu
    هر چيز اُردو مين لِكها كرو.

  2. Well done Asim Sb. You have brought out so many emotions through your simple but poignant poetry. One is wonder struck by your wisdom and knack of putting your thoughts in poetry, a no easy task. I read it spell bound as will others whom I will take your permission to send.
    Best regards

  3. Dear Asim Khan,
    Once again you have hit the nail on the head!An apt description of the current situation as it obtains in Pakistan.Let us hope and pray that there is someone out there with Mr Imran Khan,who is planning relief for the oppressed people of Pakistan.

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