The Suicide Note- Part 5

Travel they far to the places unknown,
In quest for their dreams, in search for peace
No cure for this disease, only the manifestation
Look upon they in horror and in silence
The fruits of our labour and formation
As the memory strikes its verdict,
Alone they struggle, alone they die
The absent cure, only the dreams
Sold through the tortured years,
The slogans of change and promise
To end, all we wanted in our existence
Cannot kill they hunger and poverty,
Only they kill their own
Never could they understand,
The sweet promise as the years rolled
The minds once inspired the revolutions

Comfort, in death, the only solution
As they take turns, as they kill
Themselves, their children and all
As they bring themselves to the poison
As silence haunts the bewildering minds
Of all that happens, of all that is in view
Of the dreams that now rest in graves
Of all what you donate, in my absence
If only my death can make you a star
The money you will disperse,
The appearance you will make,
The leaders of my land,
The politicians of my time
As the camera roll its old lens
The old tattered note, clasped in her fist
“Sorry Mother, not strong enough to care
For myself and two angels, time to go now
You can have my share of bread and water
I will miss you till eternity, but will remember
The old betrayal of dreams and slogans”………



11 thoughts on “The Suicide Note- Part 5

  1. the picture make me feel like crying, i am sincerely touched by your words :.< Thank for sharing such a wonderful work, i will be looking forward for more 🙂

  2. Thanks Jamie and RiikaInfinityy..The idea was to highlight these things that exist in our society and the contributors…

    Much appreciated for your kind words and appreciation.


  3. This is an extremely moving poem!!
    We, in our well furnished homes, with our grand meals, in our luxurious cars, attending grand parties, can NEVER live the lives of the poor! We can never really “understand” their desperation, the meaning of the fading light in their eyes, the preference of death over life. We can only donate, empathize and sympathize. But understand, we never can I suppose. 😦

    You have written a really powerful and bold poem here! Excellent

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