The New Debacle: Pakistan To Offer India Trade Route into Afghanistan

The current Pakistani Government has made a mockery of all the challenges and situations it find itself in.  It is almost becoming unbearable to see what is happening and in the manner they approach issues, matters related to governance, prioritisation of our interests and most importantly lack of sincerity and courage.

The list grows on with all these blunders and now the recent debacle of our present government and the so called leaders is yet another example to show how dear Pakistan is to them and our interests- People of Pakistan and their aspirations. With what is going on, it is not hard to realise that these people will lead us to a disaster by playing into interests of India and America. We already have enough on our plates by fighting this war on terror, crumbling infrastructure, terrorism, and the failing education, health and agriculture sectors and the list grows.

Never a day goes past where we do not hear stories of poor decision making, absent engagement with all,  no  consultation, no consideration the way things are done and its impact. There is not a single person within the government keen to assess what is happening around them.  Parliament has no idea what is being discussed, things are leaked, and media finds out at the last stages and people are kept entangled in side issues and futile debates. These are not the ways to run a country.

Hillary Clinton’s recent visit made sure of another of this example where Pakistan has signed up on another deal or agreement or proposal no matter what you want to call it without disclosing to the Parliament (if there is any such thing as a parliament; perhaps they do not exist, only on the media screens), without discussing it with anyone, and completely removed from the public. The so called representatives of people of Pakistan took a step by opening up our land and resources for the benefit of India under the disguise of regional stability and economic growth.  Ours or India? That is the question everyone asks but no one is prepared to give us a cohesive answer.

Upon finding out, people belonging from all walks of life- from media to civic society, from labourers to economist and business leaders in Pakistan have condemned this but Pakistani leadership don’t understand this. May be its not their fault; maybe the fault lies with us for not realising the inherent weakness we have in our infrastructure and the way we elect people. Pakistan faces all sorts of problems – infrastructure, human development, education, health, and we still keep bringing these people in to lead us to disasters. It is about time to see what they cannot see and get rid of them.

Our trade minister, Ameen Faheem, keeps changing his statements every hour and then the classic statement comes from Qamar Zaman Kaira.

“Pakistan has denied India land transit route to Afghanistan

“Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister, Qamar Zaman Kaira said Pakistan has not still entered into agreement with Afghanistan on transit trade but signed only a MoU”.

They have forgotten that India is not too keen to resolve any of these: –

  • Water Issue
  • Pakistani prisoners and their plight in India
  • Kashmir
  • India to come out of this  belligerence and offer appropriate role and responsibility rather than always in accusation mode and hostile stance

All these issues highlighted above in relation to India, brings out a common theme: lack of any sincere desire on India’s part to achieve or resolve any of that but to keep this whole thing in limbo, prolong and side track it with other issues which add no value or are of no significance.

India’s recent desire to hold talks with Pakistan presents an interesting example about their aims that they really do not care in resolving these issues. Their investment in Afghanistan needs to be secured as now USA and other western allied forces begin to formulate their exit strategy; India’s desire to have their foothold there in the name of economics and prosperity is yet another example how keen they really are to make a difference. Has anybody said the huge resources which America indirectly wants to control through INDIA and its exploitation? What will Afghanistan gain out of this? Nothing.

And even for a second if one was to agree, will India open up the following countries for Pakistan as well for its economic stability, growth and prosperity. Is India willing to open up their country for Pakistan to go and trade with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal through their land? The answer will be a big NO. So why in God’s name we allow and compromise our interests for the sake of cold alliances with India and America.

In the end, Pakistan has to safeguard its interests and these interests are economic, aspirations of the people, defence and all the other fields which require careful examination. We simply cannot be  saying YES to every other opportunity that gets presented to us as our benefit not realising that it’s not us who will benefit but others and India is quite keen to remain and be seen as a key player in this region. This is not a memorandum of understanding we as a nation are signing on but memorandum of death and this is not the first time we have done it., The previous government of Musharaf  did the same by plunging this country into war and now this economic disaster and instability  waiting to happen.  And not to forget the risks, associated with this approach. Our trade minister and other dignitaries have not missed a single opportunity to highlight well all the mechanism are  in place and will be – trucks will have satellite devices and all the rest. Can someone ask Rahman Malik to provide an answer for 2000 pending investigations which he is answerable for it? These people will move on, either remain in hiding and flee from Pakistan but their decisions and its fingerprints will remain there for future to get to grips with and live with that pain. So it’s about time we realise what we need to do as citizens of this land and bring those people who can safeguard our interests and aspirations and get our house in order rather than bowing to the interests which are alien, and have no benefit to us now or our future generations. Let’s not make decisions in haste but with wisdom and by engagement with all and most importantly with courage and belief.



One thought on “The New Debacle: Pakistan To Offer India Trade Route into Afghanistan

  1. The Pakistani Govt. is not to be blamed …. the Pakistani establishment ( read Pakistani Army) has capitulated under tremendous American pressure.

    And the reason is simple …. Pakistan has long forfeited its sovereignty to say “no”, or to simply walk away from the Americans.

    It has no choice but to follow American dictate, or risk being bombed back to the stone age.

    This is just the beginning …. there are more to come …. !

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