They remain in fear,
Inside them,
The voices trapped
Of all what they can say

Chosen they have,
To remain indifferent,
All that is in view
The open wounds

Only in silence,
The darkened whispers
Their needs for fulfilment
Needs no mention,
Ignore they all
What they see and hear,
The duty and call to release,
The old demons

Never will they embrace,
The new change
As too hard to forsake,
The old alliances
Built from greed and cake,
They all eat,
In oblivion and in ignorance

Like moths they circle
Nothing will last
The circus will end
In conversation,
With an old friend
These people will not
Change and embrace

But try we must,
Only few we need to ignite
The new fire,
The rekindled spirits
The will to find peace
The wound must heal
Consume it will all,
Their ignorance and fear
To build this place,
We call home……….


5 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. I keep reading the last stanza again and again – such powerful words – a truly excellent poem

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