The Margala Disaster

Written in memory of all we lost, this morning, 158 people on board Air blue plane in Margala Hills, Islamabad.

Few of the names, identified so far:

Hassan Javed Khan, (YP39-SINDH02; Blue) Youth Prime Minister
Ms. Syeda Rabab Zehra Naqvi, (YP41-SINDH04; Blue) Youth Information Minister
Mr. Bilal Jamaee, (YP44-SINDH07; Green) Youth Shadow Minister for Information
Mr. Prem Chand, (YP38-SINDH01; Blue), Youth Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth AffairsMr. Owais bin Laiq (YP45-SINDH08; Green), Member Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information
Syed Arsalan Ahmad (YP42-SINDH05; Blue), Member Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information

As the news reaches us
From Margala Hills,
The scattered parts
Humans and the machine
“There are no survivors, we lost all “
As the news beamed across
Another disaster, another loss
In there, our people,
Children, women and elders
In there, our tomorrow
As the rescue workers search
In madness, for survivors,
Continue they searching,
The bodies, charred in smoke
From those hills,
We cannot hear them cry
Of the moment last,
Only the rain
All seem to be the same
Remains in Margala
Our last memory, before we part
To all what was life
In sadness our skies
In sadness our hears
All we lost, in tears and rain
As the morning of nearness depart
Only the memory will remain
In those skies and Margala Hills



2 thoughts on “The Margala Disaster

  1. What a disaster!! All those Men and Women who had a great part in your society, being members of the Youth Ministry! What a loss and a shame..

    May their souls rest in peace.. Amen!

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