Kashmir is a land of legend, folklore and of fabled past. It holds a unique position in the history of mankind. Its beautiful valleys, snow peaked mountains, lakes and its people all turns Kashmir into a heaven on planet earth; and yet this heaven burns by the ingredients of greed, interest and Indian arrogance and its crimes. It is this place that carries both the cry for freedom in all its fury and through all its beauty.
Kashmir is where poetry is born from its landscape and where politics is played by hands foreign. It is against this backdrop, the smouldering fire in those hearts and minds of each successive generation and the question of being freed from the Indian clutches. It is this freedom they desire as their bodies are piled up, and their women and children torched up and mutilated but India remains indifferent and world in its usual silence. It is where Kashmir finds itself in 21st century among the beast in the form of India that now has almost destroyed so many lives and so much damage brought upon them. All the slogans of fairness and economic enterprise and of social equality as India claims to have given to Kashmir is nothing but a big farce. The message India communicates to the rest of the world about Kashmir is nothing but a pack of lies while its soldiers and their bayonets torture women, children and men from all quarters. It is this in this wilderness the sense of injustice prevails and how to deal with it through nothing but freedom as Kashmir desires the very right to its existence and its expression.
India’s keen desire to bend or mould Kashmir into their fabric remains at work. All those displaced by this practise – the displaced generations, the torture, Kashmiri prisoners in Indian jails. On Kashmir’s part, the quest for the lofty ideals of peace and progression and to have the right to determine their own destiny but the freakish nature of this conflict remains. India remains unmoved by its very own debacles and adventures in Kashmir. It remains unaware what really needs to be done. India remains corrupt in its action and approach to let this bird fly rather than being encaged. This is the story of Kashmir and of their people and evidence of biggest democracy in the world- India.

Movements are not created as a simple means of avoiding something or out of nothing but from the real need to exercise their objectives and how those objectives are achieved. Kashmir movement of freedom is simply not an expression of outdated times and various UN resolutions but real people and their aspirations how they can identify the needs, requirements and the way forward- It is the movement of people how their rights to exercise that very freedom which the rest of the world enjoys and in the manner it was taken has always been the subject and the issues which has been passed onto from previous generations to the present ones. The stumbling block- India and its arrogance.

Kashmir is trapped and handcuffed once again in this fist of violence by the so called upholders and claimants of being the biggest democracy in the world as every effort made to stop kashmirs asking the right for freedom and self determination. The world watches on as the Indians are busily bypassing and violating all the laws of their land, UN resolutions – not one or two but countless over the years and completely removed from what is happening. Even their prime minister has been taken aback by the Indian army response not to relinquish their special powers when it comes to Kashmir.The troubled land and the cause is no surprise to anyone. From its many corners the debate has taken its form and struggle but India remains unmoved and undeterred.
The issue for Kashmir is both political and social significance. The apparent failures of international forums to bring this to its conclusive end, India’s arrogance and undesirable attitude have all made a mockery of this whole situation. Every day in the news, we see these signs and acts of aggression carried out by the Indian Army against innocent civilians. What is their crime, only that they seek freedom? It is not their fault to raise those voices of freedom as the very concept is embedded by the nature in any human being. Human being progress through these values and concept which they hold dear to them and the most important aspect of their existence is that a man is born free and therefore any shackles, hindrances and any obstacles will be seen as a direct violation of their basic rights, dignity and culture.
How to deal with it? The answer is simple. Give what all kashmirs want? It is very simple on their part but on Indian side, it seems to have become the most complicated and costly riddle. They do not. The deadlock ensues. And this is what happens. The longer it carries on, the trails of blood and disaster India will have to justify not only to its own people but to international community and the countries in South East Asian region as their policy of terror and violence is seen by other countries with caution.
Indian methods and ways to deal with political issues are through violence and terror and in doing so they have become the biggest perpetrators of injustice and violation of human rights. Scores of human rights organisations have highlighted what India Government has done when it comes to resolving Kashmiri issue. Repeatedly we see how they shy away from this question when Pakistan asks them this question and to open up a dialogue. India finds it more convenient to point fingers at Pakistan and not releasing the inherent fault within their approach. Are they really keen to resolve this issue? So far, Pakistan and world in large haven’t seen much evidence of that. India has become very good and expert at prolonging issue in the hope that the media, the world, Pakistan and its people will forget about it. But to their surprise, it may not happen like that. So what do they do? They kick off another fresh cycle of violence. It is their great way to uphold democratic values and culture, and of being part of international community. This is exactly what is happening in India. Their indifferent attitude and not much desire to resolve this has led them to experience more separatist movements within India which gets often ignored by the media and International community but it’s happening.
The fury of freedom that exists in Kashmir will not be mitigated or be lessened by Indian aggression and the violence that has ensued over the decades. Each time the voices gather its might and the new generation takes it further. During all those years the government of India has failed to create that balance and give Kashmirs the right to exercise what they deem necessary for their ultimate survival and freedom.
All those UN resolutions from the early days up until now, book that was written by Alastair Lamb and many others, explaining the need and struggle, forums, Pakistan’s insistence and wars over this, have fallen upon deaf ears. The very proponents of democracy and being labelled as the world’s biggest democracy obviously have failed miserably in its application when it comes to Kashmir. The reasons they hold onto this land and its people are historical or created by their interest or need. Each day in past few weeks has seen how India has violated all fundamental human rights and how children, young and women have been tortured and killed. The very concept of dealing with the issue of Kashmir by violence will inherently weaken India’s resolve over the years as the pressure builds up and as the cost ramps up to maintain that status quo .
International forums and UN and USA have not really paid much attention to the issue and how it can be resolved. Kashmir issue has often been highlighted as the spotlight issue for whole South East Asian region and how it can engulf India and Pakistan into another war or skirmish if it is not resolved through peaceful means. And to resolve it through peaceful means, it requires a very clear understanding what it means to India’s security and peace and economic progression. International community has been very active but they haven’t really lived up to those expectations and aspirations of Kashmirs and their voices. Can this be resolved? How long will it take? How long Kashmirs will have to give up their lives- children, women and the young ones for this cause to come to its end and to be granted freedom from those shackles of the past imposed upon them in those moments of conflict as India and Pakistan became separated.
The reasons to occupy Kashmir were purely personal and lifeline for India and hence their hold onto Kashmir became the question of their moral existence arising from this argument that Kashmir is tied in with India. As a result of this, all that Kashmir offered- tourism, industry, water- the important factor and the gateway to those region became the primary ingredients for those conflicts with Pakistan and the period that has remained tarnished. Every day the oppression and the violence being carried out by Indian Army bring out another chapter of disdain and disregard for basic human rights and democracy.
If democracy and its application is the very concept to ensure those very rights upon which the countries and the globalisation stands upon. Either there is something seriously wrong within those concepts and ideology created to serve the demands and needs of international community to operate within peaceful means or really India is not what it seems, in terms of propagating what they are but in actual effect has destroyed the balance within the region by holding onto to a dream which is in no comparison to the dreams and aspirations of kashmirs. Kashmir and its people carry themselves in its spirit and in its flesh a step forward to attaining this freedom. No army or civilisation has been able to hold onto their empires or oppress people indefinitely like that. There is always a moment of weakness, signs of destruction and confusion and it is those moments India, as a country must watch out, as whatever they do, it will impact them directly.
Histories always remember great revolutions and it will not forget those voices of Kashmirs that rise every day, the voices Indian have suffocated, and their leaders languishing in Indian jails for numerous years. All this will take its toll on the strength and resolve of India but the wisdom and experience of history tells something else- Never try to encage people in your dominion when you know that the outcome of this will simply be colossal. Kashmir issue and their fight for freedom will resonate in Indian corridors of power and democratic domains and its culture. They may think they have stifled the movement or perhaps added a stop to the growing dissent but in the long run, they will not be able to derive any form of strength and benefit from this long deserved cry for freedom. Kashmir and its fury of freedom will outlive all those who cling onto it in hopes vain and futile that this will disappear- the people will be enslaved, we will offer them this and that…..but I am afraid destiny of their dreams has more to offer than all these tactics deployed by the government of India.
The times await their peril and their demise at the very hands of those they have suffocated, trapped and handcuffed. The very handcuffs that carry that blood, dripping in its silence will become the rivers and voices to travel far, unimaginably far….



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