The Beautiful Mosques

Travel you far,
But constantly it remains,
the spectacle
of human mind and its reach
the old buildings,
as you witness
its grandeur and design
from one place to another
across the globe,
as the sun begins its journey

As the people rally across
As the night begins to fall
But the voices remain
Same and beautiful
The call for prayer
The moments of submission
The journey of wisdom
All within your reach
Find you will dispersed
inside your soul
the stories of minarets

The old promise
of freedom and fulfilment
Offers you the dreams
inside your soul
The varied architecture,
the old compositions
in view, the uniformity
a grand feast in its awake
for the eyes and heart
as you travel across
the voice, follows its chords…



One thought on “The Beautiful Mosques

  1. What a breathtaking image Kashkin..
    Very well written about our minds and prayers. Deep words and equally intense emotions expressed in the process!!

    Well done My Dear- this is so refreshing.. xox

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