As They Chase The Moon…

Solutions that exist in simplicity
Yet they invite complexity
We find roads to progression
Yet they build blocks of resistance
As silk weaves itself into protection
Amidst this destruction and creation

They create
Out of hatred and out of disbelief
The situations, out of lies
The drama, to serve their needs
The forgotten souls, not to be seen
In their words and actions
As the world play tunes to their democracy
The withering reality forbidden to explode

As we draw light from each other
Around the corners,
Near the bends
Off into horizons
Through these nights and its shades
As the chase begins for the moon
In these streets where we lost
All our innocence and life
As morning breeze embraces us
In the songs of promise and devotion

Now only silence, in their tombs
The constant companion and echoes
Of their crimes as history exchanges
The old greetings to who never learnt
In disobedience, million souls walk past
As they follow the moon in their chase
Finally freed from the chains of traitors
Finally freed from the tortures of past

Through those moments of decision
Through those moments of liberation
As million souls walk past, in consolation
As the moon begins to eclipse upon tombs
Of crimes, lies, treachery and destruction……



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