Disturb Me Not…

Disturb me not my friend,
All this opium and its effect
Awake now Coleridge in the dales
In search for old metaphors and rimes
From  the old seas and mariners
Or the half written poem on kubla khan

Disturb me not my friend
the doors that you shake
escaped those words in style
Never to be written only in dreams
as your conversation around in circles
the airwaves that carry the old wine
Fumes of intoxication and the old tales

Disturb me not my friend
the great injustice that will fall
As those whispers walk in the corridors
Strange and slow, the shades
Of our thoughts and history
Piercing and afraid, awake I am not
the constant battle
As it finds its victims
let me remain alone in dreams
Offer me you the world
The heaven remains
An old illusion into that voyage
Built from the old spectacles
Of fires and travel and mind

Disturb me not my friend
only the memories split
The shift above in the heavens
the moments of insanity
Disturb me not my friend
the strange laughter
Grows out in wilderness
As the old chords find its music
Through that silence as you step away

Disturb me not my friend,
The crimes you commit and its glory
The half written poems and the open doors
Gone forever the tales and it’s voyage
Only the empty oceans and its mind
Disturb me not, my friend…….



2 thoughts on “Disturb Me Not…

  1. outstanding….

    Glad to discover your poetry talent,
    Hope to see you join our poetry potluck today,
    1 to 3 random poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome in case you fall short in doing a theme fitting piece.
    Bless you.
    Keep up the excellence.

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