Like Indus We Travel

Like Indus we travel,
Through those ravines and paths,
Across the bends, we will meet you,
Here we come,
Our Time has come
From each corner, you will hear,
The roars of change and passion,
We have come to claim,
What is ours and yours?

Spent enough moments,
Through these nights of our existence,
In pain and seclusion,
The stories of our lives
As the image flicker past,
As you kept us tied to the ground
The old affiliations of status quo,
Watch you will,
At your peril the impact
As the river flows into the ocean
Cannot you stop or alter

Here we come,
As architecture begin to form
Its shapes and forms,
Of modernity and of progression
The revolution has just begun,
As the mind fuses with body,
In the moon lit sky across the desert
These caravans of youth
Cover we will all Pakistan,
From one corner to the other,
From one direction to the other,
Cannot you stop or alter

Our tomorrows,
Like the untrampled morning dew
Resumes its struggle
Where light is not a fire,
Where life is not a question
Where justice is not a dream
Where humanity is not a burden
Where truth is not a curse

Here we come,
Like an Indus,
We will meet you, at the ocean
As light pierces through the sky
As the truth prevails,
No longer the distant dream,
The destiny of our struggles…



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