1947-The Beautiful Sacrifice

jimmy the engineer-partition


“The most beautiful sacrifice never dies as it gets passed on as an ” Amanat” from 
one generation to another. And Pakistan is that ideal for which they all left their 
homes, their lives, their lands, their stock, everything they had. Imagine, the pain 
and it’s elation for the cause; imagine the courage and it’s display , it is them from 
Amiristar, from Jalendhar, From Ludhiana, from all portions of India who left their 
homes for the most sacred dream. It is them on the trains, in the fields, in the 
wells who jumped to save their honour and dignity, it is them in the camps, it is 
them ” Our Heroes”, we should never forget. The journey and it’s trail which is 
littered with sacrifice and blood. It is them we should always remember and 
preserve and hold them in the highest esteem our elders and the sacrifice. It is 
them we carry as portions of our existence in our DNAs. Preserve them……”

Asim Khan



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