Take Me to Damishq



This old hermit will run away
from the mere mention
of any ailments;
this old hermit will remain
wrapped up
in garments of distant times;
this old hermit will cough out
whispers of the past;
in his confines
All day along he says
” Take me to Damishq”

In that rubble of this place,
As I breathe
Through the whispers
Of change and its past;
Return to me
The old glory days
Walk I will where you ask
upon its four corners
Of this earth,

We will say hello
To Rumi and Ghalib
As we go along,
We will converse
With Iqbal
But don’t ask me;
Sick and tired
I am of this place
They call ” hospitals”
Take me to Damishq

Only there,
I will declare,
My madness
In those gardens
Where droplets of water
Are the ocean

Take me to Damishq
Gladly I will respond
To all your requests
Take me to Damishq
One final glimpse ….
Before insanity prevails….



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