Bilawal- The Herculean Noise in Emptiness



Pakistani film industry has finally found the solution for Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi as Bilawal took the challenge to perform dazzling display of oratory, political acumen and his vision. A mighty task indeed to convince and to bring some cohesion in PPP rank and file. But in films this performance may work but in Pakistan of today and its challenges – the chances minimal.

This very noise and performance he created was simply the recipe for disaster. After all that education in world class institutions, and all that travel he did with Zardari in meeting world leaders in last 5 years did not bring the desired result. Bilawal you may carry the blood and genes in your body of your ancestors but the deeds are of your own”.  And for dynasty politics –grim reminder.  Greatness is not bound with blood but deeds and sincerity to the cause. Here the only available evidence is that the very PPP leadership abandoned that promise.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the new kid on the block obviously has had his speech makers taken from the yesteryears. Grand ambitions this kid carries. In words,  he reminded us of  the characters from Hollywood tales, or of Bollywood willing to take on anyone, anytime but in reality when examined closely, all there is just hollowness and to such a level that it can almost be caricatured as comedic.

The same old patterns of family politics and obviously no clue or idea how Pakistan political landscape has changed.  No more the people of Pakistan will pay attention to the words of past to build their affiliation with this monstrosity of an ambition. Constantly, the Benazir Bhutto, Zulfiqar Bhutto is used for all the wrong reasons to rescue PPP and to coax people, to bring emotion etc. The trust deficit that is so inherent in all ranks and files within PPP leadership that as Zardari had forged the will to present him to the PPP electorate as the only viable alternative, now Bilawal has taken up the mantra of martyrdom as well to serve the great ambition of a former President.

Abduallah Shah Ghazi Mazar got evacuated for him to make an appearance there. Life is such a precious thing – you subject yourself in politics to its service but so scared from very own people you want to serve. Great contradiction in what he said and the actions he took. Only the lofty claims..

Imran Khan seems to have become the favourite topic again for this kid and after what he initiated the twitter campaign and his abhorrent comments now prevalent in his speeches as well. But times have changed, and now a day only the evidence will make a difference and substantiate your political will. PTI is there to provide an alternative in politics with evidence not on promise and empty slogans.

It’s about time these kids should not be sacrificed to preserve dynasty politics and to serve its aims. He can become a very good asset for Pakistan but perhaps first he has to develop some speciality in a particular field as certainly the politics no longer needs an empty promise and to have your life structured around it. First he must prove what he is good at, and what his skillset and expertise is and then present the solution rather than an heir to the ailing party.  The technique to use Zulfiqar Bhutto and late Benazir is fraught with disaster. Simply screaming, shouting insults and empty promise will not get you anywhere but ground work and empowerment of very people whom have been taken for a ride for many years. It’s time for both parties, the people in the party and the leadership itself to wake up from this old dream and slogan of “martyrdom” to something more sincere and positive for Pakistan.


Pakistan certainly has no space for ideology of “I am the son of Zardari, Bhutto, or anyone and therefore I am bound to be good and to be your leader”. This maxim of affiliation with people is not going to work in this manner. First serve Pakistan with what you can offer and also learn the mannerism to express clarity: emphatically and most importantly with conviction rather than shouting, ranting and mocking your own people and thumping the air with your fist which may raise the emotion on TV screens but people behind back stage deafened already to hear a single word he uttered and the ones in front, tired from years of this drama. Someone said many years ago in dynasty politics  your electorate is your hostages bonded in that empty  promise for generations to come as unwritten agreement to serve more like a slave rather than a free man.


Asim Khan




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