The Ordinary Soul

I did not expect
To see you do this,
“Why, In God’s name”
You changed
Not an ordinary soul,
You were
Looked up to you
From the days of the olden past

Now you with the sinners
The corrupt and the strong
You push it out,
The view of the foul
What became of you?
Your conscience and stance

As I listened in my state
Of being numb and tired
Whispered I to my soul
Murmured I to m y heart
Nothing has changed,
Nothing has remained
You have forsaken me,
The saints of the olden past,
I have seen it from both end
Now you come to tell me

I am still the same,
The ordinary soul,
All intact,
The conscience & my stance
You all played your games,
For good and for worse
Still the same promise
That unfolds itself
In the memory of my past
In the words of my tomorrow



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