The Revolutionary’s Tale

As my soul descends into journeys unknown…the discovery leads me to enlightenment and in appreciation of what life is……….


14 thoughts on “The Revolutionary’s Tale

  1. Wow! thats a good news, your wordpress blog! I’m gonna put it on my blogroll so that to visit you from my site.


  2. Delirium, Many thanks

    I guess it was just a matter of time. Considering Nadeen and all the rest of the crew have their blogs, it kind of made sense for “cogito ergo sum’s” creation. On chowk, I just write poetry nothing else. But here I can put the rest of my prose as well, current and past..

  3. Thanks Ayesha…You are indeed right, it was the first theme you introduced. I have changed it again to reflect the independence day with the flag and with soft blue colours.

  4. Your present theme is awesome! And I specially liked the header, nice blue sky, a bit of green and the fluttering flag…

    Guess what, next I’ll switch to this theme :P… but not now, I’ll keep my present one for a while 😀

  5. kashkin, please enable the comments section on the hounslow mosque issue, we cant add any comments, please we urge you our brother

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