Let’s Become Immortal Today



Today is the day when we will see what we are made up of: whether we have enough conviction in our beliefs and courage to stand up against this injustice. Khan Saab has and he has proved it in his 45 years of service for Pakistan. And I am so proud of him not just as a PTI member but as a Pakistani. Let’s hope Pakistan today decides its destiny forever and to get out of this misery and slavery. What we are seeing is unprecedented history unfolding in front of our eyes- 19th August 2014.

This day will be remembered like 14th August as second Independence Day or the black mark upon our conscience and history.

The most beautiful day today in the history of Pakistan. Today the ” The Red Zone” will become ” The Freedom Zone”

If we remained in our homes today , then never will we get out again as tools of injustice will suffocate us.

Red & Green are PTI colours. Today they will meet again.

Let’s Live today for just one day as we have been dead for many years. If we don’t come out, then we are dead anyway. Time to decide

Today you decide and let that decision be forever remembered by our generations and we can be proud of what we did, saw and participated in this history. Let’s become immortal today.