Bilawal- The Herculean Noise in Emptiness



Pakistani film industry has finally found the solution for Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi as Bilawal took the challenge to perform dazzling display of oratory, political acumen and his vision. A mighty task indeed to convince and to bring some cohesion in PPP rank and file. But in films this performance may work but in Pakistan of today and its challenges – the chances minimal.

This very noise and performance he created was simply the recipe for disaster. After all that education in world class institutions, and all that travel he did with Zardari in meeting world leaders in last 5 years did not bring the desired result. Bilawal you may carry the blood and genes in your body of your ancestors but the deeds are of your own”.  And for dynasty politics –grim reminder.  Greatness is not bound with blood but deeds and sincerity to the cause. Here the only available evidence is that the very PPP leadership abandoned that promise.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the new kid on the block obviously has had his speech makers taken from the yesteryears. Grand ambitions this kid carries. In words,  he reminded us of  the characters from Hollywood tales, or of Bollywood willing to take on anyone, anytime but in reality when examined closely, all there is just hollowness and to such a level that it can almost be caricatured as comedic.

The same old patterns of family politics and obviously no clue or idea how Pakistan political landscape has changed.  No more the people of Pakistan will pay attention to the words of past to build their affiliation with this monstrosity of an ambition. Constantly, the Benazir Bhutto, Zulfiqar Bhutto is used for all the wrong reasons to rescue PPP and to coax people, to bring emotion etc. The trust deficit that is so inherent in all ranks and files within PPP leadership that as Zardari had forged the will to present him to the PPP electorate as the only viable alternative, now Bilawal has taken up the mantra of martyrdom as well to serve the great ambition of a former President.

Abduallah Shah Ghazi Mazar got evacuated for him to make an appearance there. Life is such a precious thing – you subject yourself in politics to its service but so scared from very own people you want to serve. Great contradiction in what he said and the actions he took. Only the lofty claims..

Imran Khan seems to have become the favourite topic again for this kid and after what he initiated the twitter campaign and his abhorrent comments now prevalent in his speeches as well. But times have changed, and now a day only the evidence will make a difference and substantiate your political will. PTI is there to provide an alternative in politics with evidence not on promise and empty slogans.

It’s about time these kids should not be sacrificed to preserve dynasty politics and to serve its aims. He can become a very good asset for Pakistan but perhaps first he has to develop some speciality in a particular field as certainly the politics no longer needs an empty promise and to have your life structured around it. First he must prove what he is good at, and what his skillset and expertise is and then present the solution rather than an heir to the ailing party.  The technique to use Zulfiqar Bhutto and late Benazir is fraught with disaster. Simply screaming, shouting insults and empty promise will not get you anywhere but ground work and empowerment of very people whom have been taken for a ride for many years. It’s time for both parties, the people in the party and the leadership itself to wake up from this old dream and slogan of “martyrdom” to something more sincere and positive for Pakistan.


Pakistan certainly has no space for ideology of “I am the son of Zardari, Bhutto, or anyone and therefore I am bound to be good and to be your leader”. This maxim of affiliation with people is not going to work in this manner. First serve Pakistan with what you can offer and also learn the mannerism to express clarity: emphatically and most importantly with conviction rather than shouting, ranting and mocking your own people and thumping the air with your fist which may raise the emotion on TV screens but people behind back stage deafened already to hear a single word he uttered and the ones in front, tired from years of this drama. Someone said many years ago in dynasty politics  your electorate is your hostages bonded in that empty  promise for generations to come as unwritten agreement to serve more like a slave rather than a free man.


Asim Khan





Asif Ali Zardari

The curse that follows,

From one portion to another,

They say “he is a politician”

As the light and soul removes itself

From the burden of pain and despair


As land becomes rotten dry,

Through plunder and corruption

The symbols of reconciliation

The fabricated will and nepotism

Walks in the corridors of power,

The frankensteins of democracy


As the nation goes to the gallows

The price we paid, the hands of devil

Inaudible screams and muffled rage,

Plays he from the distance, the old tunes

Of martyrdom and democracy


As the time folds itself,

In shame

Upon its knees,

The nation and its resource

Like the African famine this curse flows

The followers plenty, as slavery is in vogue

The Pharaoh’s hostages upon their knees


As the Nero plays his harp,

The chosen few,

To bring to keep the king

As the old goat and its image

Remain in view

The worships begins

Of the Kings and Queens

The monsters upon our land,

As they roam free

From justice and responsibility


The politics of conflict and interest

In play,

The masters of deceit and murder

The wheels will stop,

The soul will halt

No longer the slogans

“Long live the monster”

The fleeting moment,

But not eternity

As the curse finally finds its cage

The earth will not accept,

Heavens will not forgive

As the moment arrives of truth and Justice

As the ink flows

Through the hands of history

Remove those names

From our conscience and land


The traitors have no place,

As the time flies in its heat

Only the distant dust of their crimes

The witness to their existence and reminder

As the extinction begins,

The morning blooms

The colour of spring upon nation’s soul

The Real Revolution

        ASIM KHAN

Hamid Mir’s Column- Imran Khan’s First Dharna- Translation

Imran Khan, you are making a mistake. Imran Khan there is danger and fear upon these streets of Peshawar. Imran Khan, in Peshawar you  can’t even gather 200 people…..Imran Khan please listen……..Imran Khan you are making a blunder as the  voices flowed in from all quarters, near and far…

All tactics were highlighted to put fear into Imran Khan regarding the Dharna (sit in). In Peshawar the concept of Dharna is dangerous and risky. Every day in Peshawar, there are bomb blasts and because of city’s worsening situation, the culture of organising protests and jalsas are no longer in vogue. The advice flowed in; instead of having a sit in on the road it is better to address the workers, in a hotel in Peshawar. But Imran Khan remained undeterred. A day before the Dharna, advice flowed from many friends to Imran Khan that “go ahead with the Dharna but please make sure there is enough security as well”. Imran Khan smiled and said “All is with Allah and He Knows best”. And finally the day came; 23rd April. He had e achieved which no other politician in Pakistan had ever done before.

As he entered into Peshawar the tail end of the procession was still in Nowsherra as people flocked together in the form of procession. The 20km long line of procession constituted all- in thousands, huddled together, men and women, young and old, in presence to raise their voices against Drone Attacks in Peshawar. The history was in its making. All these thousands were warned by their loved ones, near and far that anything can happen as Peshawar is volatile and engrossed in violence. Don’t go to Peshawar- Imran Khan is mad and don’t become part of his madness. What will happen if there is an explosion?

But why did these people leave behind the comfort of their homes and the advice of the loved ones. The answer was simple and common. Imran Khan had left his home as well and he was there with them. Imran Khan knew that he will not be able to stop the drone attacks with this protest and sit in but he wanted to dispel that sense of fear and decadence in the city of Peshawar. He wanted to give hope to those thousands who were with him and those who could not come; someone is there with them in these hours of pain and grief, without any security, bullet proof jackets and cars. He was there with them in t flesh and blood as they were. He wanted to sit with them and feel that anguish and pain through the night and days for next 48 hours.

All those critics who feverishly complained and bitterly stated that it was the establishment, the military and the army who had  brought him and supported for this sit in to add another dimension to political play and tactics. But I wish they had heard him in Peshawar. Not only did he criticise Americans for their policy of drone attacks but also the army as well for their continued attacks and killings of innocent civilians. Not only were there- , the tribals who had lost their loved ones, but people from all places, from Bajur, Orakzai, Mohmand agency and more- the young and old tribals who bitterly complained about the Army and the situation they faced.  People from North Waziristan complained heavily that in all these years they have yet to discover and to see any dead bodies of Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders over there.

In each of these drone attacks scores of women and children and young are killed but in papers we see Al-Qaida and Taliban deaths. This old man from North Waziristan mentioned the Army and Americans are all in this together- they criticise each other in public and yet they are all working together in pursuit of this policy of terror and mayhem in the form of drone attacks. They all are tied with each other and the money that flows. The old man shouted the only hope is Imran Khan and if Imran Khan could not get these drone attacks to end, then he and his tribals will declare Jihad  on the Army and this time not in Waziristan but in Lahore and Rawalpindi.

The significance of these two days was not simply how many turned up but the manner and the courage they displayed to attend this sit in from all corners and to spend those 48 hours amidst fear and chaos with their leader, in the open skies of Peshawar. It was a spectacle not to be missed to see their leader amongst them on these streets of Peshawar.

These young people and workers may not have the experience of coordination but their emotion brunt with fervour and their hearts filled with this light and peace that finally they can together get rid of this fear, this fear of death and hopelessness together with their leader.

Also present in this procession, an old woman from Lahore. She was 10 years old when Pakistan came into being and her family had sacrificed a lot. And today again this country is being destroyed and I come here to offer my presence and support for this man, Imran Khan. Another woman, in Burqa from Swat with her eight year old son. She asked me about people involved in Mukhtara’s Mai case and how they got away   as there was not enough evidence provided to the court. The women involved in NGOs started to protest. But why don’t these NGOs protest and raise their voices when innocent children are butchered to death in drone attacks? Why don’t their conscience gets stirred by those images of horror and mayhem?

And another significant change I noticed that every single person was at the height of their political awareness. And the whole procession went wild when Imran Khan mentioned that if someone drops a bomb upon my house and kills everyone, then Imran Khan will become the biggest terrorist himself. This fervour and this enthusiasm provided that sense of fear in status quo what this youth can do. Their collective awareness and wisdom now could bring a revolution. This crowd was wild in its muse and they wanted answers to those years of sufferings.  A student from Peshawar University had vowed to himself that he will seek revenge to all the deaths in Laal Masjid but Musharaf ran away from the country. Now he has vowed to himself that he will seek revenge upon those responsible for the deaths of people killed by Raymond Davies – Asif Zardari and Shahbaz Shareef.

Almost an argument ensued with this young student from Peshawar the more I asked him about these things and his views. He mentioned about three well known journalists on the payroll of America and stated that in next sit in (Dharna), he will give these journalists the honour of having their pictures and posters clad with shoes in public. And if I do not disassociate myself from these three journalists, then he will consider me as well with them and the same treatment will be meted out to my picture as well. I wondered what if this student and hundreds more in this fervour on the streets of Lahore and Islamabad, imagine the impact these young souls can do. They can create a riot in their passion and from that sense of injustice that has dwelled upon them.

The most interesting thing came from Sardar Soran Singh. He said “When I had asked you to start a dialogue with Talibans, these people on the payroll of America and affiliations with the West screamed and protested about this”. …Now America wants to have a dialogue with the Talibans, and these very same people remain silent? Sardar Saab was representing the non Muslims in this Dharna (sit in).  Dr Fouzia Siddiqui, sister of Dr Aafia, proclaimed upon stage that she intends to present the bangles to President Zardari and Army Chief General Kiyani. So much passion and sense of pain her words created that one young man from remote village of Jaoti, in South Punjab, cried in pain and tormented and raised his hands towards the heavens, loudly offering Dua “Ae Allah Rid Pakistan from these Mir Jaffars and Mir Sadiqs”….Oh My Lord, help me and give me the strength so I can stand with Imran Khan and block this NATO route for a month and bring Dr Aafia back from America”. Seeing this young man, wildly crying in his bewilderment, it occurred to me all those intellectuals, whom had stated our allegiance to America and slavery as a ground reality, drone attacks the need of the time, and national pride and dignity simply an artificial and empty emotion.

As I wondered what if Imran Khan really decided to block roads going from Peshawar into Torkham and from Karachi into Chaman, what will the Americans do? What will they do if all routes going into Afghanistan are blocked upon call of Imran Khan? It is abundantly clear that our elected government is not going to do that – then Imran Khan will have to do what our elected government could not do.


 As I wondered, this man will carry the aspirations of this youth from all corners of Pakistan, these women who carried their children and the old who carried their pain and grief with them and sat through the protest. He will have to DO ALL what our elected government could not do. As I wondered……….of all what he will do, this Imran Khan what they could never do in past 60 years or so- our elected governments and our establishment. As I wandered through the streets of Peshawar, there was no fear, death and violence..Only the open skies and the man asleep amongst his people on the container….He had finally come home..As I wondered….the whole Pakistan was there, in pitched up tents, in open skies, finally freed from that bondage of slavery for 48 hours….As I wondered what the rest will do???…

Asiya Bibi- The Water Fetcher

Mother of five and farm worker
To earn her bread and ale
The old routines to fetch water
As await her four angels
The empty stomachs
To fend off hunger and poverty
And yet remains in view
With disdain and hatred,
The old refusal
To the hands and its toil
Cannot you serve us?
You don’t belong to our clan
Cannot you run away?
We have our laws,
We have our might
Follow we will to your place,
Burn we will you to death
Cannot you escape?
We will find you
Through the laws, to the gallows
Take your choice, you are the one
The weak and in fear
As you play havoc in our farms
Your hands are not clean,
Your soul is not to our beliefs
And your body, consume we will
The rights we have derived
As we practise our ignorance
As we invoke laws and its existence
In our tightened chests and minds

The annals of history heavy,
The story of human civilisations
Minorities don’t reflect
Minorities don’t offend
Opinions of the majority
Why will they insult?
There are no grounds
Created out of hatred
These testimonies
As they run riots

Here in the West, where we become
The weak and minorities
How often do we cry and scream
Upon Church of England and Pope,
Even when the options are there,
The freedom in action and through speech
Why only in Pakistan
Driven out of their homes
The death sentences and damage
To their properties and children
This is not Islam they practise
Only the hatred in their hearts
The manifestation of the times unknown
As the games are played
To persecute minorities and weak

The practise that goes unnoticed
These ways of fear and intimidation
Pushed upon them these laws,
Through reasons not religious
The total abyss, in our morals and ethics
All forgotten we have our own,
Prophet for whole mankind and his message

Tied down to the gallows,
The woman and her children
The tales of water fetcher
Her only crime- weak and in fear
Not from the same clan as rest
The embedded irony of our times
As we play havoc in the Garden of Eden…


Karachi- Wrapped Up in Violence

Wrapped up in violence,
This city of mine and yours
In Edhi and Chippa ambulances
The bodies and its remains
Wrapped up in darkness
The city and its lights
As its screams go unheard
As the dead search for their graves

Wrapped up in innocence
The old days of its grandeur
The horrors too painful
To bear and to part with
As our young and old
Fall one after another
Some too young to remember
The old days and its glory
And some too old to forget
The mayhem created
In the name of democracy
As violence rules this place

Wrapped up in violence,
This city of mine and yours
In Edhi and Chippa ambulances
The bodies and its remains
Wrapped up in darkness
The city and its lights
As its screams go unheard
As the dead search for their graves

Only alien to these crimes
The political elite,
The so called responsible
Shifting blames
From one end to other
Wrapped up in these games
All with their stakes
As the shots are fired
As death roams in its streets
The people, out and about
In search for their lives
As their screams go unheard

Wrapped up in violence,
This city of mine and yours
In Edhi and Chippa ambulances
The bodies and its remains
Wrapped up in darkness
The city and its lights
As its screams go unheard
As the dead search for their graves

Only the alien, to this
The parties responsible
Wrapped up in blame
Through statements
Through TV appearances
Through behind doors
As the blood runs through
As the clock and count never stops

Wrapped up in violence,
This city of mine and yours
In Edhi and Chippa ambulances
The bodies and its remains
Wrapped up in darkness
The city and its lights
As its screams go unheard

Wrapped up in profits and gains
The shameful acts committed
The offers to make more
Through death and violence
Money to the dead and injured
As they hand out through words
As the dead search for their graves

Wrapped up in silence,
The old songs of devotion
Wrapped up in grief
The old moments of joy
Wrapped up in sorrow
The old days of freedom
Wrapped up in Edhi and Chippa
Our conscience of tomorrow
As the dead search for their graves


As They Chase The Moon…

Solutions that exist in simplicity
Yet they invite complexity
We find roads to progression
Yet they build blocks of resistance
As silk weaves itself into protection
Amidst this destruction and creation

They create
Out of hatred and out of disbelief
The situations, out of lies
The drama, to serve their needs
The forgotten souls, not to be seen
In their words and actions
As the world play tunes to their democracy
The withering reality forbidden to explode

As we draw light from each other
Around the corners,
Near the bends
Off into horizons
Through these nights and its shades
As the chase begins for the moon
In these streets where we lost
All our innocence and life
As morning breeze embraces us
In the songs of promise and devotion

Now only silence, in their tombs
The constant companion and echoes
Of their crimes as history exchanges
The old greetings to who never learnt
In disobedience, million souls walk past
As they follow the moon in their chase
Finally freed from the chains of traitors
Finally freed from the tortures of past

Through those moments of decision
Through those moments of liberation
As million souls walk past, in consolation
As the moon begins to eclipse upon tombs
Of crimes, lies, treachery and destruction……



Kashmir is a land of legend, folklore and of fabled past. It holds a unique position in the history of mankind. Its beautiful valleys, snow peaked mountains, lakes and its people all turns Kashmir into a heaven on planet earth; and yet this heaven burns by the ingredients of greed, interest and Indian arrogance and its crimes. It is this place that carries both the cry for freedom in all its fury and through all its beauty.
Kashmir is where poetry is born from its landscape and where politics is played by hands foreign. It is against this backdrop, the smouldering fire in those hearts and minds of each successive generation and the question of being freed from the Indian clutches. It is this freedom they desire as their bodies are piled up, and their women and children torched up and mutilated but India remains indifferent and world in its usual silence. It is where Kashmir finds itself in 21st century among the beast in the form of India that now has almost destroyed so many lives and so much damage brought upon them. All the slogans of fairness and economic enterprise and of social equality as India claims to have given to Kashmir is nothing but a big farce. The message India communicates to the rest of the world about Kashmir is nothing but a pack of lies while its soldiers and their bayonets torture women, children and men from all quarters. It is this in this wilderness the sense of injustice prevails and how to deal with it through nothing but freedom as Kashmir desires the very right to its existence and its expression.
India’s keen desire to bend or mould Kashmir into their fabric remains at work. All those displaced by this practise – the displaced generations, the torture, Kashmiri prisoners in Indian jails. On Kashmir’s part, the quest for the lofty ideals of peace and progression and to have the right to determine their own destiny but the freakish nature of this conflict remains. India remains unmoved by its very own debacles and adventures in Kashmir. It remains unaware what really needs to be done. India remains corrupt in its action and approach to let this bird fly rather than being encaged. This is the story of Kashmir and of their people and evidence of biggest democracy in the world- India.

Movements are not created as a simple means of avoiding something or out of nothing but from the real need to exercise their objectives and how those objectives are achieved. Kashmir movement of freedom is simply not an expression of outdated times and various UN resolutions but real people and their aspirations how they can identify the needs, requirements and the way forward- It is the movement of people how their rights to exercise that very freedom which the rest of the world enjoys and in the manner it was taken has always been the subject and the issues which has been passed onto from previous generations to the present ones. The stumbling block- India and its arrogance.

Kashmir is trapped and handcuffed once again in this fist of violence by the so called upholders and claimants of being the biggest democracy in the world as every effort made to stop kashmirs asking the right for freedom and self determination. The world watches on as the Indians are busily bypassing and violating all the laws of their land, UN resolutions – not one or two but countless over the years and completely removed from what is happening. Even their prime minister has been taken aback by the Indian army response not to relinquish their special powers when it comes to Kashmir.The troubled land and the cause is no surprise to anyone. From its many corners the debate has taken its form and struggle but India remains unmoved and undeterred.
The issue for Kashmir is both political and social significance. The apparent failures of international forums to bring this to its conclusive end, India’s arrogance and undesirable attitude have all made a mockery of this whole situation. Every day in the news, we see these signs and acts of aggression carried out by the Indian Army against innocent civilians. What is their crime, only that they seek freedom? It is not their fault to raise those voices of freedom as the very concept is embedded by the nature in any human being. Human being progress through these values and concept which they hold dear to them and the most important aspect of their existence is that a man is born free and therefore any shackles, hindrances and any obstacles will be seen as a direct violation of their basic rights, dignity and culture.
How to deal with it? The answer is simple. Give what all kashmirs want? It is very simple on their part but on Indian side, it seems to have become the most complicated and costly riddle. They do not. The deadlock ensues. And this is what happens. The longer it carries on, the trails of blood and disaster India will have to justify not only to its own people but to international community and the countries in South East Asian region as their policy of terror and violence is seen by other countries with caution.
Indian methods and ways to deal with political issues are through violence and terror and in doing so they have become the biggest perpetrators of injustice and violation of human rights. Scores of human rights organisations have highlighted what India Government has done when it comes to resolving Kashmiri issue. Repeatedly we see how they shy away from this question when Pakistan asks them this question and to open up a dialogue. India finds it more convenient to point fingers at Pakistan and not releasing the inherent fault within their approach. Are they really keen to resolve this issue? So far, Pakistan and world in large haven’t seen much evidence of that. India has become very good and expert at prolonging issue in the hope that the media, the world, Pakistan and its people will forget about it. But to their surprise, it may not happen like that. So what do they do? They kick off another fresh cycle of violence. It is their great way to uphold democratic values and culture, and of being part of international community. This is exactly what is happening in India. Their indifferent attitude and not much desire to resolve this has led them to experience more separatist movements within India which gets often ignored by the media and International community but it’s happening.
The fury of freedom that exists in Kashmir will not be mitigated or be lessened by Indian aggression and the violence that has ensued over the decades. Each time the voices gather its might and the new generation takes it further. During all those years the government of India has failed to create that balance and give Kashmirs the right to exercise what they deem necessary for their ultimate survival and freedom.
All those UN resolutions from the early days up until now, book that was written by Alastair Lamb and many others, explaining the need and struggle, forums, Pakistan’s insistence and wars over this, have fallen upon deaf ears. The very proponents of democracy and being labelled as the world’s biggest democracy obviously have failed miserably in its application when it comes to Kashmir. The reasons they hold onto this land and its people are historical or created by their interest or need. Each day in past few weeks has seen how India has violated all fundamental human rights and how children, young and women have been tortured and killed. The very concept of dealing with the issue of Kashmir by violence will inherently weaken India’s resolve over the years as the pressure builds up and as the cost ramps up to maintain that status quo .
International forums and UN and USA have not really paid much attention to the issue and how it can be resolved. Kashmir issue has often been highlighted as the spotlight issue for whole South East Asian region and how it can engulf India and Pakistan into another war or skirmish if it is not resolved through peaceful means. And to resolve it through peaceful means, it requires a very clear understanding what it means to India’s security and peace and economic progression. International community has been very active but they haven’t really lived up to those expectations and aspirations of Kashmirs and their voices. Can this be resolved? How long will it take? How long Kashmirs will have to give up their lives- children, women and the young ones for this cause to come to its end and to be granted freedom from those shackles of the past imposed upon them in those moments of conflict as India and Pakistan became separated.
The reasons to occupy Kashmir were purely personal and lifeline for India and hence their hold onto Kashmir became the question of their moral existence arising from this argument that Kashmir is tied in with India. As a result of this, all that Kashmir offered- tourism, industry, water- the important factor and the gateway to those region became the primary ingredients for those conflicts with Pakistan and the period that has remained tarnished. Every day the oppression and the violence being carried out by Indian Army bring out another chapter of disdain and disregard for basic human rights and democracy.
If democracy and its application is the very concept to ensure those very rights upon which the countries and the globalisation stands upon. Either there is something seriously wrong within those concepts and ideology created to serve the demands and needs of international community to operate within peaceful means or really India is not what it seems, in terms of propagating what they are but in actual effect has destroyed the balance within the region by holding onto to a dream which is in no comparison to the dreams and aspirations of kashmirs. Kashmir and its people carry themselves in its spirit and in its flesh a step forward to attaining this freedom. No army or civilisation has been able to hold onto their empires or oppress people indefinitely like that. There is always a moment of weakness, signs of destruction and confusion and it is those moments India, as a country must watch out, as whatever they do, it will impact them directly.
Histories always remember great revolutions and it will not forget those voices of Kashmirs that rise every day, the voices Indian have suffocated, and their leaders languishing in Indian jails for numerous years. All this will take its toll on the strength and resolve of India but the wisdom and experience of history tells something else- Never try to encage people in your dominion when you know that the outcome of this will simply be colossal. Kashmir issue and their fight for freedom will resonate in Indian corridors of power and democratic domains and its culture. They may think they have stifled the movement or perhaps added a stop to the growing dissent but in the long run, they will not be able to derive any form of strength and benefit from this long deserved cry for freedom. Kashmir and its fury of freedom will outlive all those who cling onto it in hopes vain and futile that this will disappear- the people will be enslaved, we will offer them this and that…..but I am afraid destiny of their dreams has more to offer than all these tactics deployed by the government of India.
The times await their peril and their demise at the very hands of those they have suffocated, trapped and handcuffed. The very handcuffs that carry that blood, dripping in its silence will become the rivers and voices to travel far, unimaginably far….