I am Hazara

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I am Hazara 

Am I killed?
The question
that remains
with me
For years
is it?
of my colour
race or religion
My blood carries
the same composition
Like you,
My murderers

I want to live
With my hopes
And aspirations
Want to live
With my dreams
Then Why
I to die
I am Hazara

Carried I have
this burden
From moments of my birth
Of this persecution
Still here,
ignored and neglected
beaten blue and death
Carried I have the dead
I am Hazara.

in the corridors
of these hospitals
Blood dripping
From her clothes
The smile,
Most beautiful
And her eyes
With questions
Why I to die
I am Hazara

In between
Thousands years
of travel
And our conversations
Of peace
I am Hazara
I am Pakistan

Do not
Just ponder
Or walk away
In slumber
Support me
My brother
My existence
Not an image
Or shrapnel
Thousands years
I am Hazara

I am Hazara
not a coffin
or graveyard
Support me,
I the am the distance
Of the old civilisations
And new
Reach out
Am your brother
I am Hazara
I am you
I am Pakistan