The Ordinary Soul

I did not expect
To see you do this,
“Why, In God’s name”
You changed
Not an ordinary soul,
You were
Looked up to you
From the days of the olden past

Now you with the sinners
The corrupt and the strong
You push it out,
The view of the foul
What became of you?
Your conscience and stance

As I listened in my state
Of being numb and tired
Whispered I to my soul
Murmured I to m y heart
Nothing has changed,
Nothing has remained
You have forsaken me,
The saints of the olden past,
I have seen it from both end
Now you come to tell me

I am still the same,
The ordinary soul,
All intact,
The conscience & my stance
You all played your games,
For good and for worse
Still the same promise
That unfolds itself
In the memory of my past
In the words of my tomorrow



Rise in Revolution


the pain that lingers,
from the moment
of its creation
the havoc unleashed
by the monsters
the status quo

as they plunder,
the resoources
as they murder,
the very own
through hunger
as they neglect
You, the people

no longer
the priority,
Never they cared,
for what
You meant to them
the faces
that will never return
To the mountains
to hear the echoes
of laughter and its peace

Corrupt they are,
to the bones,
Where laments
morality and ethics
in aveneues
of Pakistan

Where languishes
in its residence
the pain
carried to its squalor
the screams
of the unseen

remove them
from their office,
remove them
from your consicience
remove them
from your vote
remove them
from the power
remove them
get removed

Remove them
before they kill
your children
Your destiny
Your future

Dont sing the songs
of revolution,
Remove them
Rise in Revolution



Asif Ali Zardari

The curse that follows,

From one portion to another,

They say “he is a politician”

As the light and soul removes itself

From the burden of pain and despair


As land becomes rotten dry,

Through plunder and corruption

The symbols of reconciliation

The fabricated will and nepotism

Walks in the corridors of power,

The frankensteins of democracy


As the nation goes to the gallows

The price we paid, the hands of devil

Inaudible screams and muffled rage,

Plays he from the distance, the old tunes

Of martyrdom and democracy


As the time folds itself,

In shame

Upon its knees,

The nation and its resource

Like the African famine this curse flows

The followers plenty, as slavery is in vogue

The Pharaoh’s hostages upon their knees


As the Nero plays his harp,

The chosen few,

To bring to keep the king

As the old goat and its image

Remain in view

The worships begins

Of the Kings and Queens

The monsters upon our land,

As they roam free

From justice and responsibility


The politics of conflict and interest

In play,

The masters of deceit and murder

The wheels will stop,

The soul will halt

No longer the slogans

“Long live the monster”

The fleeting moment,

But not eternity

As the curse finally finds its cage

The earth will not accept,

Heavens will not forgive

As the moment arrives of truth and Justice

As the ink flows

Through the hands of history

Remove those names

From our conscience and land


The traitors have no place,

As the time flies in its heat

Only the distant dust of their crimes

The witness to their existence and reminder

As the extinction begins,

The morning blooms

The colour of spring upon nation’s soul

The Real Revolution

        ASIM KHAN







the battle cry of the martyrs,

or the expression of thinkers 

the dream of the poets
as the flight of the birds
in cage, in wait,
as the oceans embraces
the distant horizons…

the cure as the leprosy eats,
the body and its soul,
the old remnants of youth
in appearance, momentarily
there remains, the lasting spirit
as the morning sun slices

across its night

as the old image comes to life
The familiar clicks of the lens
as its shutter captures
moments frozen to resurface again,
in Volga rivers and its discovery

the change, invoked
the years of endeavour
the oxygen, we breathe
through this struggle
in these years of tumult…

finally the peace,
as we return to our final abode,
with all our compositions
in our hands, the good and bad,
eternal, the flute and its echoes…



The Famous Battle

the whispers

There you remain
in distance
out of my reach
one day,
I will find you

as they arrive in millions
from all corners
as the ocean greets them
there I will find you
through these mosaics
of peace and its moments
tranquility and its magic

only the murmur
in the distance,
now exists of this struggle
there I will find you,
as change will decipher itself,
the existence lived
through these years
of toil and labour
there you will find me,
where once we got together
and the madness

There you remain
as peace finally returns
in these avenues
where we had once fought,
the famous battle….

The Beast

The playful tunes of memory,
As I step away from the beast
Just a shadow, just a reminder
Of all what was to be remembered,
Of all what was to be forgotten
The war that was fought
As my heart traversed
Through years of silence
As the oceans meet the horizon
Only the boat and the journey
My soul and its occupants
The four trees and its shadow
As I sit underneath
All peace, and tranquillity,
My fellow inhabitants and travellers
Change has come, the war won..
I hear the drums and its rapture,
In the distance, as I step away…….