H’s Notebook

the notebook image








She says its my notebook
I will travel
around the world
fill it up with sketches
of laughter and love
I will roam
like the birds of heaven
in there,
descriptions of my journey
you will find all in its clamour
She says its my notebook
I will have stories
of lightining and thunder
meanderings of my youth and its whispers
the life I have
is a notebook
scatttered across its pages
the old scribllings of existence
the beating heart and its clock
the impressions of my childhood
tales of my mischeifs and blunders
You will understand one day
too close the picture you held
as the sun wrapped up
betweeen you and the one
the faces too bright,
as the shadows became the shimmer
the pages you carried and its secrets
only the river i saw
as the moon beamed its famous smile.



The old thoughts return
as the spring chases its winter
Imbued in its opium,
the patterns begin to decipher
the only language
in its elation,
the heart understands
many years have gone past,
in trails of whispers and murmurs
the change has found its fortress.


Rise Like a Storm from Within









An old dervish
as he walked
in a land
with famine and hunger
there is still time to rise
before the sand display its verdict
the rulers are still free
to roam, catch them
rise for your rights
rise against these corrupt
As the dust sweeps across your face
If it is still within you
the old seeds
of self respect and change
Rise like the storm from within.


Locked into the Corporate Grid

Scrapped together,
The old chairs
Turn off the lights
Let’s bring the focus
Through the windows
The broken glass
Steals the evening shade
The comfort of the sun
There stands four olive trees
Some say it’s fabricated
Some say it’s real
Dropped in an island
Of cement and gravel
The speeches begin
The discourse, the tremendous rush
The monotony of voice
The old ways to create emotion
How to rob and steal,
From the downtrodden and in squalor
In a world that is civilised
Where words are beautiful
The perfect toast
For the perfect kill
So clear in its emphasis
The temptation of the future
You cannot run away,
You cannot hide,
Strange are these terms and concepts
The great traits of leadership
The more you steal, the less you borrow
Let’s write the new history,
The imprints of our reach
Hardly a whisper as eyes wide shut
No question asked
As the old graphics of fruit begin to turn away
Gripped in this depression
The fear of failure
The voices continue
We are the best,
Traders of commerce and greed
And the world is yours,
Only the promise you make
Of allegiance and loyalty,
We will do the rest.


Gravity Redefined..

There remains the strange patterns,
The mystery of the old solitude
In spin, the whole universe
Strange and beautiful,
Cold and embracing,
Always there in its significance,
The old code,
To ponder and to reflect
When the language fails to comprehend
The heart display its verdict
It’s there
As the skin begins to unravel
The strange rhythms
Embedded in you,
The famous code, the old resident
It’s not the microscope that will discover
The age old journey of understanding
And there comes the submission
in its grace
As the rivers flow through your heart
As the dream finally captures you
The gravity redefined


The Infinity


The dreamer he remained
From the years
When conversations dropped in
From all directions
Of numbers and equations
The great model
Abstract and beautiful
Entwined with his existence
The old secrets of the nature
So neatly built in him
Innate and apparent
The evening draws it’s curtains
Begins the dance
The infinity upon his mind
As the moon raced
Through his mind,
The arrows of precision
As the indifference becomes the mark
Of solitude and ponder
It’s there where the dance began
To discover
What was created?
For him to unravel
The one who created



all year
from youth
to its wisdom
of the age
Now all behind
the deeds
good and bad,
swweet and sour
and all its stages
the world moves on
and so does he
with all that is behind
for some to remember
and some to forget