Poem: Srebrenica An old mother Clasped onto the memory the cornice in the ground The unmarked grave As tears roll down her cheeks As pain holds her clenched In her breath Points out There is my husband In that grave In there, my sons My daughters Raped and disappeared They only In my… More SREBRENICA

Poem: The Labourer

  With this curved spine, In journey with this world The echoes of my soul the existence and its burden Hear I all day the whispers the crunching bones against each other, As the very fabric begins to crumble I am the labourer, The powder I have become the dust and its movement In celebration… More Poem: The Labourer

Azadi March Poem: Iqbal’s Shaheens, Wrapped up in Green

  With your imposition Of article 245 Your section 144 See you in Islamabad With our demand We will not return Until We get our Pakistan     See you in Islamabad With our demand Million voices to rhyme Imran Khan, Imran Khan Our blood is red and green Return to us our Pakistan  … More Azadi March Poem: Iqbal’s Shaheens, Wrapped up in Green

Rise in Revolution

the pain that lingers, from the moment of its creation the havoc unleashed by the monsters the status quo as they plunder, the resoources as they murder, the very own through hunger as they neglect You, the people no longer the priority, You Never they cared, for what You meant to them the faces that… More Rise in Revolution

We Are Pakistan

  We are Pakistan In rain, or sunshine, In snow or drifting sands, We are Pakistan In the hours of grief and its pain, in the moment of elation or dreams We are Pakistan We have seen The time worst through floods and earthquakes in famine and hunger We have paid the price too much… More We Are Pakistan


  A story that is born out of imagination is classic; but the story that is born out of struggle and cause is a legend.   And we all Insafians are the characters of that story of struggle and it’s cause- the legend. And that will remain in it’s pages for ever- dynamic and alive.