The Dreamer’s Lounge

the echoes of the mind


Peace will return
as the silt begins to wither,
as the sirens of spring
begin to strutter
the old conversations
in the dreamers lounge,

remember we were once young,
the fire in our hearts
the old books we carried
in our golden bags,
the sharpened pencils
with their stranded designs
as the orange peel
remains in half drunken cup

as the old wires tremble
to find its plug,
the silence moves
through the winds of its rapture
as the old stories
finds its characters
Through the scribbles
of its fracture

near the old heaps of books,
in there, remains the enigma
of our times and of our rhymes
and gone, in split second
the echoes of the mind……


Let’s Become Immortal Today



Today is the day when we will see what we are made up of: whether we have enough conviction in our beliefs and courage to stand up against this injustice. Khan Saab has and he has proved it in his 45 years of service for Pakistan. And I am so proud of him not just as a PTI member but as a Pakistani. Let’s hope Pakistan today decides its destiny forever and to get out of this misery and slavery. What we are seeing is unprecedented history unfolding in front of our eyes- 19th August 2014.

This day will be remembered like 14th August as second Independence Day or the black mark upon our conscience and history.

The most beautiful day today in the history of Pakistan. Today the ” The Red Zone” will become ” The Freedom Zone”

If we remained in our homes today , then never will we get out again as tools of injustice will suffocate us.

Red & Green are PTI colours. Today they will meet again.

Let’s Live today for just one day as we have been dead for many years. If we don’t come out, then we are dead anyway. Time to decide

Today you decide and let that decision be forever remembered by our generations and we can be proud of what we did, saw and participated in this history. Let’s become immortal today.

Azadi March Poem: Iqbal’s Shaheens, Wrapped up in Green

ch rizvan the long trail

dream team isb the long trail


With your imposition

Of article 245

Your section 144

See you in Islamabad

With our demand

We will not return


We get our Pakistan



See you in Islamabad

With our demand

Million voices to rhyme

Imran Khan, Imran Khan

Our blood is red and green

Return to us our Pakistan


Hear the March and its beat

It’s time for you to retreat

Use your 245 and 144

You will still hear

Until your defeat

Change and its scream


See you in Islamabad

With our Demand

By all means stop

By all means block

But we will stand

For our rights and demand


Wrapped up in Green

Iqbal’s Shaheens

No matter where I am

My soul is in Pakistan

See you in Islamabad

With our demand


It’s in our blood

The green and red

Return to us

Jinnah Pakistan

See you in Islamabad

With our demand


See you in Islamabad

With our demand

Where the passion will bring

Its design

Return to us

Jinnah’s Pakistan


From Sukkhar to Quetta

From Karachi to Faisalabad

From Lahore to Fata

See you in Islamabad

Wrapped up in Green

Iqbal’s Shaheens

With our demand


See you in Islamabad

Wrapped up in Green

Iqbal’s Shaheens

With our demand

Our voices will reach

We have

Strange powers of speech


See you in Islamabad,

Try all you can to stop,

The youth and its rock

We will demand

For Naya Pakistan

Iqbal’s Shaheens

Wrapped up in Green


Rise in Revolution


the pain that lingers,
from the moment
of its creation
the havoc unleashed
by the monsters
the status quo

as they plunder,
the resoources
as they murder,
the very own
through hunger
as they neglect
You, the people

no longer
the priority,
Never they cared,
for what
You meant to them
the faces
that will never return
To the mountains
to hear the echoes
of laughter and its peace

Corrupt they are,
to the bones,
Where laments
morality and ethics
in aveneues
of Pakistan

Where languishes
in its residence
the pain
carried to its squalor
the screams
of the unseen

remove them
from their office,
remove them
from your consicience
remove them
from your vote
remove them
from the power
remove them
get removed

Remove them
before they kill
your children
Your destiny
Your future

Dont sing the songs
of revolution,
Remove them
Rise in Revolution


We Are Pakistan

mai pakistani houn


We are Pakistan
In rain,
or sunshine,
In snow
or drifting sands,
We are Pakistan

In the hours
of grief and its pain,
in the moment
of elation or dreams
We are Pakistan

We have seen
The time worst
through floods
and earthquakes
in famine and hunger
We have paid
the price too much
we are Pakistan

We are not
Punjabi or Pathan
or from Sindh
or Balochistan
we will
remain one
We are Pakistan

The unity
will define
us and our lands,
The dreams
will bring
the peace and its songs
in our hears and minds
We are Pakistan!!